Saturday, 20 July 2013

The Pink Of All Pinks

Hey my lovelies :)

I'm a sucker for pink lipsticks. I have nude pinks, coral pinks, hot pinks but nothing like beauty that is MAC's Candy Yum Yum! It's a bright, nearly neon pink that has been on my lip's a lot this summer especially for festivals, gig's etc. It's such a fun colour and anyone who, like me, is a fan of pink, should defiantly take a look into this!

It's a matte finish meaning it can be slightly drying but a gloss, balm or re-application will that out and trust me when I say it is worth it! I honestly can't get enough of it!

What do you think of Candy Yum Yum? Would you dare?

Keep Smiling! x

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Blogger of the Month #2

Hi everyone!

Today I'm going to be introducing you to July's blogger of the month - Amie! :)

Amie runs a beauty blog that would give a lot of people a run for their money and I've had it bookmarked since I started blogging about 4 months ago! From her beautiful, girly layout to her descriptive yet interesting posts, Belle-Amie Beauty really is a lovely read! 

After speaking to her through Twitter and E-mail, I can honestly say that she is a lovely girl and she deserves to have this little post dedicated to her!

She's floating around the web like most bloggers and you can find her on Twitter  so don't be afraid to go and say Hi! :)

Keep Smiling! x

Have you heard of Mallzee?

Hello my loves!

Hope your all well on this lovely, but extremely warm Wednesday evening! 
Today I'd like to share with you all an exciting opporunity that I was approached with a couple of weeks ago and you can all be involved too - which is the best part!

So, as my title suggests have you heard of Either had I until a few weeks ago but I'll tell you something, I'm really liking it - hence this post! In the words of the Mallzee team themselves "Offering everyone their own bespoke online personal experience is the next step in fashion retail. Login with Facebook, tell us all the styles you love, add your favourite brands like ASOS, Urban Outfitters, Forever 21, Topman from out selection of over 200 and let us build your own personal Mallzee shopping experience." 

It's basically an online shopping centre where you can buy lot's of different items, from different brands, earn points to spend later on and you can also connect with thousands of others who are signed up to make friends, or just to talk to others who share your style and love for fashion! Can't go too wrong!?

And the exciting part is that if you sign up with this link you can get VIP membership too! Give it a go.. I mean who doesn't love some online shopping?!

I'm there too you can find me here and let's chat :)

Keep Smiling! x

Thursday, 11 July 2013

I'm Natasha, and I'm a bad blogger

Do you remember me? I'm Natasha, the worlds worst blogger!
I haven't been around much lately but there's been a lot going on in real non-blogging life and it's just taken over but I am back, so hiiii :)

There's been lot's happening as I said, I got a letter the other day offering me my honours degree so that was amazing, I had a best friend's birthday and my little sister's birthday too! I've also been working loads too, and making plans for this weekend (The Killers in Pheonix Park, Dublin!) and for my birthday (I'm 21 very soon eeek!!) 

I've been thinking about making a shedule for Wonderland, what do you guys think? Or should I just blog when I feel like it? I'm not sure as I enjoy both with the blog's I read...

While I'm thinking about that, here's an idea of what's coming up in the following week;

- Birthday plans and preparation
- June Favourites
- June's blogger of the month ;)
- A very exciting collaboration with

So for those of you who have been sending me e-mails and tweets thank you so much!! & don't worry I'm not going anywhere ;)

One last thing.....