Saturday, 2 August 2014

Dear Blog, I'm Sorry


I'm Natasha, the ahem, writer of this poor neglected blog. I don't know what happened over this Summer because at the beginning I was so full of energy and had a serious love for writing. I just kind of, forgot? I felt like writing was a job, a chore and something I began to HATE doing. It made no sense really... I took up writing for an Irish website called and I've fallen back in love with it. I think it's time my little blog got a make over, and some serious TLC. I'm even thinking of a name change? Watch this space.

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

"The Best Lip Balm Ever"

A while ago I was having awful bother with my lips, they were so sore, I couldn't use lipstick or any lip products for that matter. They were flaky, dry and nothing was helping. Until Laura happened to pop me an e-mail with this little beauty. I'll be honest and say I don't actually use lip balms as often as I should, in fact I'm forever loosing them but this is different. This Living Forever is in a league of it's own. 

The product itself is small, compact and simple. Something I quite like in packaging actually!
Infused with Jojoba oil, it is the softest balm I've ever used. 
It cleared up my lips within a week, I carried it around and put it on every 4 hours maybe? or after I'd eaten etc... 

I wanted to give this product a really good test, so when you want the most brutal feedback where do you go? the Mammy. Yes, my Mum suffers with shockingly sore lips.They have gotten so bad that they have bled they were that dry and sore, and she has tried everything. The hunt for something to sooth it even ended up with her driving nearly an hour away to another a town to get some product that can't be got where we live. Dedication.

The Mammy's thoughts? This stuff is a miracle in a tube.
It softened her lips, as well as healing them from a recent breakout and she said that applying the product was a dream, because it felt like it was melting onto the lips.

So there you have it Ladies, I'm officially naming this stuff 'The Best Lip Balm Ever'.

Check out their website here.

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Cleansing balms on a budget

Hello lovelies,
I have a post today about a product I have been loving this last few weeks, so much so that I think you should all know about it too. The product the Boots Botanics Cleansing Balm. I know that everyone and their Mother raves about the Emma Hardy one but I'll be honest, I don't know how to get my hands on it and If I did, I'm not sure I would fork out that kind of cash, at least not without trying some more affordable alternitives. I'm itching to try the Body Shop one too, but they have been out of stock the last few times I've been near a store. Boo. 

Anyway, at €15 this is a pretty awesome product. I even got it on sale for €8.95 making the experience even better (who doesn't love a bargain?) Opening it up, it is a yellow colour, quite solid (as expected) and smells lovely! 

I remove the bulk of my make up with a water cleanser first, and take a tiny bit of this in my hands and start to massage it into my face and the feeling is just... ooooh. It's silky, soft and feels a little luxourious all at once. I leave it on my face for about  minutes (more so because I like the feel it it..) and then rub it into the skin until it lathers up. Taking the cloth that came with the product, I rinse the product off with warm water and hey ho, my skin is lovely, smooth, make up free and clean.

I really reccomend this product to anyone who is after taking a curiosity into cleansing balms and don't know where to start. I also think it's a very underrated product, when I mentioned it on Twitter only very few had heard of it or tried it. The Boots Botanics range is one line that has impressed me more and more with every product I've tried from them. 

What do you think? Are you a Boots Botanics fan?

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Avene Soothing Hydrating Serum

About two weeks ago I was contacted by the lovely Emma of Escentual and was asked if I was interested in trying out the Avéne Soothing Hydrating Serum*. I jumped at the chance because I've heard this brand raved about and when it comes to skincare I'm an avid learner! In fact I blame Alix of I Covet Thee and Kate from Gh0st Parties or my ongoing obsession. 

The serum itself claims to help the skin become soft, and hydrated. It's also suitable for sensitive skin.This product is made with a large quantity of thermal spring water to provide a calming effect as well as added moisture into the skin. It seemed to the perfect product for me! 

A bit of background on my own skin, after years of suffering with terrible acne, I now have okay skin... it's combination to oily at the best of times, with a tendency for a dry nose on occasion - this really bothers me. I also suffer with slight redness too.

After all the promises this product made, I was stoked to get it in the post. I've been using it every night since I got it, and it' fair to say, its love. I work in an office meaning I'm stuck in doors at a desk for 8 hours a day, so my skin does be in need of a little pampering in the evenings. I always cleanse, tone and moisturise and now I've added this into the mix (along with some other bits & bobs) I can feel the difference that it has made. My skin has been brighter, and more balanced. I will defiantly keep using it & see where I end up but for now, yes, it's a winner in my eyes - even my Mum has been trying it out!

I can safely say that when this is finished I will be repurchasing. So worth it.

For the nice bit, Escentual has offered readers up to 1/3 of the popular French Pharmacy category for the rest of March including this Avéne Serum at 25% off!

Here's what else they have on offer -

VichyLa Roche-Posay and Nuxe at 33% off RRP
AveneKloraneRene Furterer and Pierre Fabre at 25% off RRP
Caudalie at 20% off RRP
A-Derma at 10% off RRP

Feel free to check out Escentual -

Twitter: @Escentual
Instagram: @Escentual

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Wishin & hoping

Wishlists are great aren't they?
They allow to go virtual shopping without the guilty feeling of splurging too much!
Below are a few thing's I've had my eye on lately....

A girl can dream can't she?

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Beauty Blogging Bargains

I own a lot of eye shadows... a lot. 
Palettes are a weakness of mine really, but these two are rather special.

NYC and Wet & Wild are two very affordable brands therefore I didn't expect miracles from either of these. After seeing Lily Pebbles talk about NYC eye shadows on her blog recently I decided I may as well pick some up - especially after falling in love with a mascara from the brand recently.

The NYC one was a mere €4.99. For four shadows, a primer and a highlighter, how on earth could you go wrong? I think there is around 5 different ones to pick from but I have this one in 'Union Square' and I am 100% picking up more from the range.

This Wet & Wild one in 'I'm getting sunburned' is another one that I really like. A gold, brown and pink choice from this one, and I love how each shadow tells you where you should use the shade i.e the brow bone, the crease or the eyelid. I think its cool for someone who has literally just started with eye shadow, as it's like a guide. Of course you can wear them whatever way you want though! For the small price of I think €2.99 this is an amazing product! The larger palettes for €6.49 come with 12 colours and I am itching to get my hands on a few of those too!

All in all, you can get both these palettes.... 7 shadows, a primer and a highlighter for under €10? In my opinion, it doesn't get much better than that!

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Delving into the nude

Last weekend at the Irish Beauty Show I picked up this Fuschia lipstick in the shade 'pink ice'.
Its a colour I never thought in a million years I'd buy for myself because it's a 'nude' and I cannot for the life of me pull off nude shades, they do not suit me at all.

My sister picked up this colour at the Fuschia stand and persuaded me to buy it. I figured it was only €5.. hello show prices.. so I got it. I never thought I'd say this but I love it. It's more of a peach toned nude rather than a pink like the name suggests, and it looks quite pretty matched with peach cheeks and soft brown eye make up.. at least that's the way I like it.

Maybe I should embrace the nude look more often?

Monday, 17 March 2014

The Pale Girls Best Friend

 A while back I went on a hunt for a new foundation, I needed something a lot paler than what I was using and I needed something long lasting. I spend a lot of my time working, and patchy make up is just a no no. I hit up Twitter and asked the beauty blogging lovelies there what I should go for, and I got got loads of responses. You guys are the best! 

Now I have list of foundations as long as my arm that I want to try out! However, my lovely friend Charlotte reccommended this L'Oreal True Match foundation, after I saw it on sale in a local pharmacy in my town I decided it was faith and picked it up. I got it in the shade 'ivory' as it was the lightest colour and it's perfect for me. The texture is so silky, and although its quite a light foundation its defaintly buildable and can give a great amount of coverage. 

I'm so glad I listened to Charlotte on this one - it's an amazing product!

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Life Lately

  • My Sister & I heading to a play last weekend 
  • Pancake Tuesday - first time to ever have them, yummy!
  • Been tweeted by Suzanne Jackson.... idol much?
  • Monday face. I hate Mondays.
  • Leopard print & chunky rose gold.
  • My ladies & I at Ellie Goulding earlier this month.
  • Blogging... as usual.
  • Little treats from Paris.
  • My baby, Benjamin Button. Isn't he lovely
  • A fabulous illustration of me by Holly Shortall (google her!)
I like these kind of posts, I think I'll do them more often - Keep smiling x

Saturday, 15 March 2014

Oh La La

Oh La La is right, I adore this colour.

 Its the only Topshop lipstick I own but I'm dying to get my hands on more. I wish I had a Topshop closer to me......

Another perfect Spring/Summer colour, its a mixture of peach and a coral with an almost neon effect in the tube. It applies smoothly, and it's lasting power its quite impressive.

I can't remember how much these are but I feel like they're around the €12 mark? don't quote me on that though!

I can't wait to rock this colour once the weather decides to stay sunny!

Friday, 14 March 2014

Alex & Ani

A brand that has become extremely popular in the last few months is Alex & Ani, and I can totally see why. Dinky, quirky and cute jewellery all made with positive energy. They come in gold, silver and coloured bead form.

I currently have three in my collection, all gold. I love gold!

The first one I got back in September 2013, just before I started my new job and the little pendant on it says "everything happens for a reason". I love the quote and the meaning behind it, and wearing it just reminds me of that everyday, and helps me worry a little less. I rarely take it off.

The second one I have was a gift from my Mum on my Graduation in November 2013. I graduated with grades I was proud of and with a degree I worked hard to get and she got me this bracelet with a simple flower pendant that says "daughter" on it. Its gorgeous, and its very special to me.

The last one I own is another gold one with the claddagh pendant on it. The claddagh is an Irish symbol, and my friend Aislinn got it for me for love, loyalty & friendship. It's shockingly cute and again, I love the meaning. Easily one of my favorite gifts from this Christmas!

I plan on picking up some more of these, there easy to wear and stack and there actually really affordable. I think prices start at around €30? That's brilliant in my opinion!

Another thing to mention, while not directly relating to the jewellery themselves, the Alex & Ani social media team are AWESOME. The guys & girls that handle there Twitter are so friendly! I love when a brand connects with their customers like that.

If you want to have a look at the Alex & Ani site you can do so here

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Spring Pinks

Its March, meaning Spring is on its way in Ireland which means its time to put the dark lips to the side for now, and embrace the lighter colours. Pinks, peaches & corals are perfect for this weather I think, so today I've rounded up my fave pink shades to share with you.


Maybelline; Hot Plum
Wet & Wild; Mauve Outta Here
Catrice; Frozen Rose
MAC; Girl About Town
MAC; Candy Yum Yum

Maybelline - Hot Plum

This is the perfect pink/purple barney shade of purple. I own nothing else like it and I always go for it when I want something fun, quirky and not too out there! I think its around the €10 mark too, so affordable too! This whole range is actually lovely but this is my favourite. 

Wet & Wild - Mauve Outta Here

A while back I dedicated a post to the excitement I felt when Wet & Wild landed in Ireland, I picked up some eye shadows and a few lipsticks and this shade is, in my opinion, the best of the bunch. It's such a different pink? it has a purple undertone, while still been warm and a great everyday colour. The best part is that this range of lipsticks are €2.99! Amazing quality for such an amazing price.

Catrice; Frozen Rose

I'll admit I'm still a bit of a newbie when it comes to Catrice products in general, I own a few different bits from them and I really like them all. I do own a few of their lipsticks and the texture of them are really nice. This pink one is the nicest one I've come across, it's my version of a nude, its light, girly and so smooth. I got this one on sale but usually they retail for under a fiver... bargain much?

MAC; Girl About Town

This was one of my first ever MAC lipsticks, and it's still one of my favorites. Its bright without been obnoxious, I would describe it as a mature pink? If that makes any sense. I feel rather grown up with it on.

MAC; Candy Yum Yum

This isn't one for the faint hearted! It's super  bright and really out there, and I LOVE it. I think its so fun, and funnily enough, I think its an easy one to wear. The formula is a little drying but to be honest I like it that much I don't care. I think it looks perfect with a tan and my smokey eye, its my all time favorite way to wear it.

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Sleek - Blush by 3

I've owned this blush palette in Lace for a while now, since before Christmas anyway.. but it's only in the last few weeks I've started to really like it! To be honest, it scared me.. These Blush by 3 palettes are so pigmented that I was worried I'd end up looking like a clown. However, recently I have found a way to make this work for me (hello Real Techniques stippling brush...) and I think its perfect for this time of year. 

With a mixture of matte and shimmer colours it's a very versatile palette and did I mention I love peach/orange blushes? I am fairly pale, and I think these colours really compliment my skin tone.

I have another one of these in a different colour I may have to get a little braver....

Have you tried any of these? What colour should  I look for next?

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Irish Beauty Show 2014

WARNING - This is a very picture heavy post.

I'm back today with a post about the weekend! On Sunday I headed off to the RDS for the 2014 Irish Beauty Show with my bestest Lisa and my baby sister, Katie. I had such a good time, but my god, it was so busy and I'm not the best with crowds. 

The exhibition itself is open to the public for everyone in the beauty industry and everyone remotely interested in it. It was on Sunday & Monday but I only managed to get there Sunday myself! It literally had everything from tanning, nails, hair, skin and beauty! It was a beauty bloggers paradise! There was loads of demonstrations, and so much information one could learn, and of course shopping.

I picked up a few bits from Fuschia, Blank Canvas & a few other places but I'm sure they'll all appear in Wonderland in due course!

I also got to meet Marissa Carter and basically had a fangirl moment, Lisa decided the best way to deal with this was to walk right up to her and say mind taking"Hi Marissa, my friend has a blog and loves you, would you mind taking a picture?" which of course she didn't and she was so lovely! I was still in a state of shock though.... Smooth Natasha.

Anyway, I snapped a few... a lot... of photo's so I just thought I'd share them!

Monday, 10 March 2014

Garnier - Fresh Refining Toner

Hi lovey's!
I'm going to start off by saying I don't think I've ever slated a product here in Wonderland before; as in I've never dedicated a whole post to something that was awful. This little slice of the internet is for happy, pretty and lovely thing's, and not for nasty thing's that set your skin on fire. With that been said, I feel that this post is necessary.

A couple of weeks back, my local Boot's were having a 2 for €5 on all their Garneir products. Now, if you've been reading for a while you'll know my thought on the Garneir cleansers, I love them. That day, however, I was in need of a new toner and decided to try out one of the Garnier ones, I picked up this one but it had kind of fallen into the never ending box of products I own because I've been religiously using my Boots own brand toner that I am honestly in love with and have been for about 2 years now. 

I decided I should give this bad boy a go though seeing as I had it really, and my god. Never again, never. After my normal routine of make up removal I applied it and almost instantly my skin began to tingle, which is never a good sign, but by the time I got to the bathroom to wash it off my face was full force burning. It was so horrible! I washed my face and applied some moisturiser and even a face oil over it but my skin tingled for hours after. I honestly think this stuff is made from acid!

Really not impressed, not cool Garnier, not cool!

Have any of you tried it or am I just loosing my marbles?