Friday, 14 March 2014

Alex & Ani

A brand that has become extremely popular in the last few months is Alex & Ani, and I can totally see why. Dinky, quirky and cute jewellery all made with positive energy. They come in gold, silver and coloured bead form.

I currently have three in my collection, all gold. I love gold!

The first one I got back in September 2013, just before I started my new job and the little pendant on it says "everything happens for a reason". I love the quote and the meaning behind it, and wearing it just reminds me of that everyday, and helps me worry a little less. I rarely take it off.

The second one I have was a gift from my Mum on my Graduation in November 2013. I graduated with grades I was proud of and with a degree I worked hard to get and she got me this bracelet with a simple flower pendant that says "daughter" on it. Its gorgeous, and its very special to me.

The last one I own is another gold one with the claddagh pendant on it. The claddagh is an Irish symbol, and my friend Aislinn got it for me for love, loyalty & friendship. It's shockingly cute and again, I love the meaning. Easily one of my favorite gifts from this Christmas!

I plan on picking up some more of these, there easy to wear and stack and there actually really affordable. I think prices start at around €30? That's brilliant in my opinion!

Another thing to mention, while not directly relating to the jewellery themselves, the Alex & Ani social media team are AWESOME. The guys & girls that handle there Twitter are so friendly! I love when a brand connects with their customers like that.

If you want to have a look at the Alex & Ani site you can do so here

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  1. I love how you have a special meaning behind each one it makes them extra special. I have dropped a few hints to my hubby that I would love one of the Alex and Ani bracelets so I will have to wait and see. x