Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Irish Beauty Show 2014

WARNING - This is a very picture heavy post.

I'm back today with a post about the weekend! On Sunday I headed off to the RDS for the 2014 Irish Beauty Show with my bestest Lisa and my baby sister, Katie. I had such a good time, but my god, it was so busy and I'm not the best with crowds. 

The exhibition itself is open to the public for everyone in the beauty industry and everyone remotely interested in it. It was on Sunday & Monday but I only managed to get there Sunday myself! It literally had everything from tanning, nails, hair, skin and beauty! It was a beauty bloggers paradise! There was loads of demonstrations, and so much information one could learn, and of course shopping.

I picked up a few bits from Fuschia, Blank Canvas & a few other places but I'm sure they'll all appear in Wonderland in due course!

I also got to meet Marissa Carter and basically had a fangirl moment, Lisa decided the best way to deal with this was to walk right up to her and say mind taking"Hi Marissa, my friend has a blog and loves you, would you mind taking a picture?" which of course she didn't and she was so lovely! I was still in a state of shock though.... Smooth Natasha.

Anyway, I snapped a few... a lot... of photo's so I just thought I'd share them!

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