Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Weekend Antics

So this weekend involved a lot of lazing around, hanging with the family and finishing off college assignments! I managed to take a few snaps while I was home so I thought I'd share it all with you guy's... Today it's been quite sunny but yet it's managed to rain most of the day, makes sense I know.. Love you Ireland!! Anyway....

Started off with washing my make up brushes, every girls favorite thing to do!

Off to town with my Mom, blue skies are great!

Writing up posts for my blog! One of my new favorite things to do :)

Hanging out with my baby, Benny

Starting of the morning with my best friend, coffee

& heading back to college, 2 hours on the train :(

Keep Smiling! x

Friday, 26 April 2013

Sunshine makes me smile

So you know when you buy new clothes and you just wanna wear them all at once? Yeahh.... That's what I done yesterday. I wouldn't mind but all I done was walk through town to meet my little sister but with the weather been so nice, why not look nice? Now, I realise my top makes me look about 579369 stone heavier than I am but it's about two sizes too bit for me as I wanted it to cover my backside with leggings, you girls understand! My leggings themselves have the word 'GEEK' all over them and I know statement t-shirts are all in for this season so why can't statement leggings be too? Hmmm :) It's been so sunny where I am the last few day's let's hope it stays that way because it just makes everyone so happy! and on a further positive note, it's my last week of college next week! What have you all been up too? :)

Keep Smiling! x

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Office Talk

Another long week in college means yet more presentations, exams and deadlines! However, on the bright side I only have a little over a week left which makes me smile! For an advanced marketing presentation I had this week I decided to dress up a little, dress to impress so they say, and although I'm not a skinny girl I feel I looked appropriate. I was happy with my choices anyway!

 My favourite part of my outfit is my new watch (even if it is a little too big for my wrist!) that I got at the weekend. I love my shoes too, you can't really go wrong with a bit of leopard print, can you? There also super comfortable which is a bonus when it comes to wearing anything that's slightly high! 

My lipstick was a classic brick read by Smooch in the shade 02, although you can't really tell in this picture it was super soft and very pigmented! As for my nails, you know I've been quite obsessed with them since my last post and for today I went with a nice neutral colour in Park Ave by NYC. And of course the rest was kept classic and simple in all black :)

Keep Smiling! x

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

A Dash of DIY

This is going to be a short & simple post just to let you all know about something I'm quite proud of! During Easter break from lectures my boredom met my creativity and this pair of earrings emerged. I didn't really think much of them at the time, just that I liked how they turned out but they have earned me a few compliments since I've been back from my holidays! They've also become the main prototype for a final assignment in college too which is flattering for me! Anyway, I just thought I'd share with you all what they looked like and to prove you don't need to spend a bomb on fancy jewellery to get what you want... Maybe you just need a rainy Wednesday afternoon? ;)

Keep Smiling! x

Friday, 19 April 2013

My Favorite Spring Polishes

So its that time of year again girls, it's time to break out the spring nail polishes... It's a lovely sunny evening where I am now so i thought this would be the perfect time to write this post! Personally I've had a terrible habit of biting my nails for basically the last 20 years (DON'T do it, it's a terrible habit!!) however, in the last month or so I've managed to break my habit! It was one of my news years resolutions so I'm pretty happy about it! Anyway, now I have my nails at a nice length and I'm trying lots of different products in order to strengthen them... In the mean time there are some color's I've been loving the past few weeks and I think they are perfect for spring time!

Essence - Upper Green Side
Marks & Spencers - Carnation
Essence - Absolutely Blue
Angelica - Sweetie Pie

This first polish is 'Upper Green Side' by the Essence Colour & Go range and currently it has pride of place in my little collection, I am obsessed with everything this colour and it is without a doubt my 'go to' polish! 

This next colour is Marks & Spencers 'Carnation' and I've been going crazy for it! Honestly, the formulation of this product is by far my favorite of the four. I currently have it on my nails and it's lasted over a week without the color fading and without a chip in site. It dries super quick too, which is a bonus! As this was a birthday gift I'm not sure on the price but they are available from most M&S stores.

This blue color a gorgeous, subtle sky blue color with slightly lilac undertones. It's called 'Absolutely Blue' and again is by the Essence Colour & Go range. Dries fast with a lovely finish and at € 1.79 how could anyone complain?

This last color is 'Sweetie Pie' by Angelica. It's a stunning baby pink that's practically opaque after one coat which is perfect! It's also lasted over 4 day's without a chip, or a topcoat might I add! For € 2.75 I love this brand!

And that's it till next time ;)

Keep Smiling! x

Thursday, 18 April 2013

For the love of spikes

Okay so I'm a bit late on the bandwagon on this one but am I the only one not getting bored of spikes and studs yet? No? Good..... Even though it's coming into Spring, it's still pretty cold in Ireland, or at least where I am anyway, I'm still loving all thing's leather, spiked and studded.... My favorite spiked accessory at the minute has to be my leather spiked heeled boots These bad boys, as dangerous as they are are the most comfortable thing shoe I own! I can wear them all night without a bother to my feet and because their black I feel like they can go with anything! I purchased them spur of the moment on a shopping trip with my lovely friend Aislinn, and I've never looked back! They were €55 in Sugababe, on Henry St, in Dublin.

The next item I want to talk about is my black knit jumper from Pennys/Primark. It's so cosy and comfortable and basically I love it! The spikes add something more to this casual jumper and allows you to dress it up or dress it down, whatever the day calls for! & It was an absolute bargain at €5 in the sale!

The last thing I want to talk about are my beloved, slightly battered ballet pumps. Black, leather and studded - a perfect combination! I can see a pattern starting to emerge here. These shoes were another Pennys/Primark and at €11 reduced to €3 they were a total steal! 

That's all for this time, keep reading and ill be back soon ;)

Keep Smiling! x

Presentation Woes

 This week was such a busy week in college, because I'm in my last year I have a million and one thing's to do in the last few weeks before exams. This week alone I had to different presentations and as you know, this means I had to make a little bit of an effort to impress! I love this black and white polka dot blazer I got as a gift off my mom, It can dress any outfit up and still be quite fun & stylish. I paired it with a sheer deep purple collared shirt, I love this colour, and the shirt is so comfortable too. I wore black leggings and tan chelsea boots with this to finish the outfit off. My next presentation was slightly more casual, as was my outfit. I wore light acid wash jeans, a baby blue and lilac dip dye knitted jumper with a baby blue collared shirt to smarten it up. I also wore one
of my favorite lipsticks, MAC's girl about town. Its a gorgeous bright
pink that matches, in my opinion, every skin tone.

MAC's girl about town
Outfit #2
Outfit #1
Keep Smiling! x