Friday, 19 April 2013

My Favorite Spring Polishes

So its that time of year again girls, it's time to break out the spring nail polishes... It's a lovely sunny evening where I am now so i thought this would be the perfect time to write this post! Personally I've had a terrible habit of biting my nails for basically the last 20 years (DON'T do it, it's a terrible habit!!) however, in the last month or so I've managed to break my habit! It was one of my news years resolutions so I'm pretty happy about it! Anyway, now I have my nails at a nice length and I'm trying lots of different products in order to strengthen them... In the mean time there are some color's I've been loving the past few weeks and I think they are perfect for spring time!

Essence - Upper Green Side
Marks & Spencers - Carnation
Essence - Absolutely Blue
Angelica - Sweetie Pie

This first polish is 'Upper Green Side' by the Essence Colour & Go range and currently it has pride of place in my little collection, I am obsessed with everything this colour and it is without a doubt my 'go to' polish! 

This next colour is Marks & Spencers 'Carnation' and I've been going crazy for it! Honestly, the formulation of this product is by far my favorite of the four. I currently have it on my nails and it's lasted over a week without the color fading and without a chip in site. It dries super quick too, which is a bonus! As this was a birthday gift I'm not sure on the price but they are available from most M&S stores.

This blue color a gorgeous, subtle sky blue color with slightly lilac undertones. It's called 'Absolutely Blue' and again is by the Essence Colour & Go range. Dries fast with a lovely finish and at € 1.79 how could anyone complain?

This last color is 'Sweetie Pie' by Angelica. It's a stunning baby pink that's practically opaque after one coat which is perfect! It's also lasted over 4 day's without a chip, or a topcoat might I add! For € 2.75 I love this brand!

And that's it till next time ;)

Keep Smiling! x

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