Friday, 26 April 2013

Sunshine makes me smile

So you know when you buy new clothes and you just wanna wear them all at once? Yeahh.... That's what I done yesterday. I wouldn't mind but all I done was walk through town to meet my little sister but with the weather been so nice, why not look nice? Now, I realise my top makes me look about 579369 stone heavier than I am but it's about two sizes too bit for me as I wanted it to cover my backside with leggings, you girls understand! My leggings themselves have the word 'GEEK' all over them and I know statement t-shirts are all in for this season so why can't statement leggings be too? Hmmm :) It's been so sunny where I am the last few day's let's hope it stays that way because it just makes everyone so happy! and on a further positive note, it's my last week of college next week! What have you all been up too? :)

Keep Smiling! x

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