Saturday, 15 June 2013

Blogger of the Month #1

Hey everyone,
Hope your all doing good on this lovely Saturday evening! This evening in Wonderland I'm about to introduce a new feature - Blogger of the Month!

I wanted to do this because I believe in the expression credit where credit is due, and it's a chance to give some blog's I've been loving a little extra attention! Every month will feature a different blogger that I think has stood out to me that month. It's also a chance to show all you guy's the blog's I read and maybe you'll find a new one you like too!

Aaaaanyway, This month my chosen blogger is Becky from  Lipgloss and Lashes!

I've only been reading Becky's blog for a few months and I love it! She's a 19 year old Marketing student from across the pond (England..) with a love for all thing's beauty and she writes her reviews and opinions on this little space in the net, and I for one am glad she does!

Becky says "Beauty means a lot to me because it gave me my confidence back. I suffered with acne for about 7 or 8 years which really took its toll on my confidence and self esteem". Blogging allowed her to get her confidence back, because it allowed her to share her love of make up and beauty products
and to meet other people who had a similar point of view.

By reading her posts its clear to see that she loves what she does and has a genuine passion for writing and for interacting with followers and readers, "My favorite thing is when I receive lovely comments from readers, it cheers me up so much and makes me feel that it's worth my time to write posts, as I spend tonnes of time planning, taking photo's and writing posts!"

So if your looking for a new read, hop on over to Lipgloss and Lashes!

You can also find Becky on


Keep Smiling! x

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  1. Awn, so cute girl! I think the same about writing and interacting with the readers!