Sunday, 30 June 2013

Sunday Funday

Good afternoon!
How is everyone today? 
Just wanted to share an outfit I quite liked with you today! I'm wearing my new hat which I love, my skater skirt that I don't wear enough and my new shoes that are a gorgeous shade of green, so nice in fact I don't ever want to take them off! Anyway... What do you think? I really want one of these hats in bright pink or in orange, what do you think? too much?

Today I went to a local garden festival to see my little sister dance, and her two best friends who truth be told are practically my little sister's too! I was as proud as ever cause she nailed it, as always :) and then I spent money I didn't have in Pennys/Primark, but I'll leave that for another day ;) I'm back in work tomorrow, boo. Why must the weekend go so fast? :(

Also tomorrow is July 1st which mean's my birthday is soooooooon. I am excited. I'll be dress shopping soon so any suggestions tweet me, or get me on my new facebook page!

That's it till next time;
Keep Smiling! x


  1. Hey, I love your blog great work ;) Please come check mine out, if you decide to follow me, leave me a comment and I’ll follow you back :) XxXx

  2. Cute top :) I love polka dot.
    Adela x