Saturday, 24 August 2013

21 at last

Hey guys!

So a couple of weeks ago I turned 21! 21 at LAST... I've always been the baby of my group of friends so it was nice to finally celebrate my 21st birthday! I'm not a huge fan of big part's or thing's like that so I just had a small gathering in my house with some of my cloesest friends, my mom, and my brother and sister! My Mom and my friends spoiled me so much I wasn't expecting anything really and I ended up with an iPhone 4S which I was estatic about! I got so many other nice thing's, had so much fun and my cake was brilliant. A white chocolate and cream cake with a picture of my Benjamin and I on it :) It's tradition in Ireland I think for baby picture's to be on display on a 21st cake but nope, I got my cat. I like to be different, what can I say? ;)

Anyway, I had such a great night I just wanted to show you some pictures :)

 Happy Birthday to me :)

 My fantastic cake.

 My fave's - Shirley, Katie, Maryanne, Paddy, Myself, Lisa and Aislinn.

Lisa and I.

My Mom & I. My best friend.

Keep Smiling! x

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