Monday, 26 August 2013

Mani Who?

Hello my loves...

Today I'd like to share with you a new experience of mine. Last week I got my first Mani-Q. When I first heard of this I literally said Mani who? I'd never heard of it before. Basically it's a 2 week non-chip, gel finish manicure over your own nails. This mean's there's no damage to your nails the way there is with getting gel nails. I've had a terrible experience with gel's so I'm not keen to ever rely on them again but because I've grown my own nails this summer I was able to get one of these manicures. It was a gift from my Mom for my birthday and I used the voucher last week before I headed off to Eminem at Slane here in Ireland and nearly a week later there still going strong. 

I got them done in a salon where I live called LA Beauty by the gorgeous Laura who owns the salon. I go there for everything and honestly, if I ever decide to move country she's coming with me. I really do trust her completely. The experience itself was so relaxing, it wasn't very time consuming which was great as I got it done between appointments and although I didn't have to pay for it I know that they cost €20 or €17 with a student discount. How great is that?

If this is something that's available in your area I would highly recommend it - such a great idea!

Keep Smiling! x


  1. I LOVE Mani-Q! My lovely nail tech weaned me off nail-biting with this stuff!