Sunday, 12 May 2013

5 things I'm loving

This is just a quick Sunday morning post to share with you 5 thing's I've been loving this week! 

1. Criminal Minds

Anyone who knows me knows I have a slight HUGE obsession with Spencer Reid. I could watch Criminal Minds all day, everyday and I'd still be smiling. I've downloaded about 3 seasons while studying the last few days and I've stuck in my headphone's and been in my own little world.

2. Lexi -

Between Lexi's YouiTube & Blog as well as her appearance on FashtagTv, I have been addicted all week. I mean, she is far more interesting than studying for exams. I love everything from her style, to her honest opinions on thing's, her tattoo's.. UGH just everything. She seems so lovely and down to earth. If you don't know who she is go and check her out you won't be let down I promise you!

3. Smooch Lipstick

I've strayed away from my normal pink lipsticks and been sporting a red lip all this week. My lipstick of choice is this Smooch one which I picked up in Cara Pharmacy in Sligo for only € 2.99.

4. Coffee

Been a self confessed coffee addict (Thanks Mom!) since about the age of 17, coffee is a part of my daily routine anyway, but I've been doubling up since study week started.

5. Black Skater Skirt

Such a staple piece! I've been looking for loads of different ones but I finally went with the bargin hunter in me and picked up one from Pennys/Primark for € 7! I'm going to get so much wear out of it!

Keep Smiling! x

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