Saturday, 25 May 2013

Purple Knits & Messy Hair

Hi guys!
I have another outfit post for you today. I'm aware that this is 4 in a row but I've had these ready to go for a while now & I'm only getting round to it now due to college work! my tights are a new purchase from Pennys/Primark and I am obsessed, I love them so much! my purple cardigan is one of my most loved pieces during both Winter and Summer. Summer is never exactly umm, hot in Ireland so wearing knits all year around is perfectly acceptable where I live. This purple one is speckled with lot's of different colours and it goes with the majority of the wardrobe. I like this outfit, it has a boho feel to it, maybe it's the shoes hmm.. Messy hair, dark eyes and bright lips all to accompany my fashion choices this time! What do you think?

Keep Smiling! x

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  1. Cute look!!! love it :)