Tuesday, 14 May 2013

I've been nominated!

I've been nominated for the liebster award by the lovely Hayley over at Tea Party Beauty! The point of this award is to get other bloggers noticed and to help new bloggers interact with each other & make friends! I LOVE this idea and I'm so flattered to be nominated so early in my days as a blogger! So thank you Hayley!

The Rules

1. Each blogger should answer the questions the tagger has set for you. 

2. Choose 11 new bloggers to pass the award onto and link them in your post.

3. Create 11 new questions for the bloggers chosen. 
4. Go back to their page and tell them about the award.
5. Each blogger should post 11 Random facts about themselves.
6. No tag-backs!

Who I nominate

  • What do you love the most about blogging ?
I think my favorite thing about blogging is when I get excited over a new item or product and I know I can share it with a global network of people who all have the same interests and passion as I do. I love interacting and learning from other bloggers too.
  • Mascara or Eyeliner ?
Eyeliner. Without a doubt!
  • If you could change the name of your blog would ? If so what would you chose?
I wouldn't - I quite like my blog name.
  • If you were given £50 to spend on beauty products what would you buy ?
I'm going to change this into euro's as I'm in Ireland, so with €50 euro I would hit Inglot and make up my own 5 piece eyeshadow palette and I would pick up yet another MAC lipstick because I'm addicted to them.
  • If you could wear one beauty product til the end of time what would it be?
Only one?! Ahhhh... This isn't fair. Probably something for my brows, or a bright lipstick.
  • What inspires you to write a post and keep on blogging?
Simply because I love writing about the things I choose too :)
  • If you could be a member of any band from any era which band would you chose and why?
Oh, this is tough. I was born in the wrong era when it comes to a lot of thing's and music is one of them. I would have fitted in with the Ramones, or Iggy or someone. Maybe I'd be someone like Patti Smith? Oh I don't know, someone from punk running London or NYC.

  • What did you dream of growing up to become? 
When I was little I wanted to be an artist.

  • What would be your dream holiday destination ? 
NEW YORKKKKKKK. Someone take me. Please?

  • Your favorite high street shop?
Umm, New Look.

  • Describe your perfect evening in. 
Anything with good food and good friends :)

11 Random Facts 

I have a kitten called Benny who is my baby!

I have 7 Tattoo's and 11 Piercing's.

Milkybars are the way to my heart.

I'm terrified of clowns.

I study PR & Events Management and have got to work with some really cool people.

I have a scar on my arm that I got when I was 1 from a burn.

I sleep on my tummy.

I'm a Harry Potter fanatic.

My name means 'Christmas Day'

My favorite animal after Benjamin are Monkeys.

Chances of you seeing me in public without headphones in are slim to none.

My Questions

1. Why did you start blogging?
2. Where is your favorite place on earth?
3. Your most treasured beauty item?
4.  Pepsi or Coke?
5. If you could be an animal what would you pick and why?
6.  What was the first ever blog to catch your eye?
7.  Where in the world are you at this very minute?
8. Sunshine or snow?
9.  Favorite budget buy?
10. What is your favorite time of year? 
11.  Favorite online store?

Thanks guys, have fun!
& Keep Smiling! x

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