Sunday, 26 January 2014

A little look into SPECSPOST

Recently I was given a chance to collaborate with an online glasses company called Specspost. I was so excited to be involved because I've been wearing glasses since I was about four... now, for non glasses wearers this post might seem a little boring but for all you lovelies who do need a little help in the sight department I hope this helps!

Getting the right shape and style of frames is a big deal, they must suit your personality as well as your face shape, along with your budget. Specspost seem to have all of these factors covered, I've paid up to 400 euro's for glasses before and they got smashed at a uni house party. Fabulous! 

So, the lovely Charlotte asked me to pick out four sets of frames of my choice ( sidenote - this was so hard because the more I looked the harder it was to choose! ) and feature them here in Wonderland! Personally, I love shopping for new glasses, it's just as fun as buying nee clothes, shoes or make up! 

What I've decided to do i give you a quick over view of the frames I chose in this post and over the next week I'm going to pair each frame with a different look just to switch thing's up a bit, and show you how I would wear them, sounds good? I think so!

The first pair I chose were these purple and black geek style frames, I LOVE them but, alas, they do not suit my chubby cheeks in my opinion.

The next ones I got were these, I chose them because they are quite like my own but just a little more!

I picked these ones because in all my years of wearing glasses, and I'm nearly 22, I have never owned a pair that had weren't pink purple or black, so when I saw green, I was very curious!

And finally, these babies, oh my days, these are fabulous! They are described as an Alexa Chung style, which not only do I agree with, but I love. They are so different, and quirky and I really love these. By far my favourite.

What do you think of my choices?

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