Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Seventeen Phoarr Paint

I wasn't joking when I said I was taking thing's in Wonderland more seriously in 2014. Hiiiiii - today I'm back with a review of a product I have been loving in 2013, and continue to do so in 2014 and that is the 17 Phowarr paint concealer. Is that not the coolest name ever by the way? I always laugh when I say it!

Anyway, I think 17 have really been stepping it up lately, a few other of my favourite products of theirs are their lipsticks and there all dolled up mascara (currently on offer for a fiver in boots!) but I shall discuss those in good time my loves.

My shade is in fair, and it matches my skin tone so well, I was super impressed when I first used it. I love the little pot it comes in too, it makes it really compact and the mirror makes it easy to travel with in case you need to touch up during the day. The consistency itself is something I really like too, its thick without been cakey and doesn't crease under the eye, which is fabulous considering the dark circles I'm prone to getting. Although my skin is fairly okay and I don't get too many spots it has helped when the odd little daemon attacks my poor face!

At under 10 euros I really do believe that this is work picking up and trying it out!


  1. Looks good, I may invest when I run out of the Matte Stick Concealer they do!

  2. I wish I saw this before I bought benefit bo ing (which I dont find great), and the Benefit oxygen wow foundation.... waste of money!