Wednesday, 8 January 2014


So, I seen a tweet from the lovely Jennifer on Twitter looking for bloggers to get together to take part in #BloggersWLW, and decided YES, I want to do this. It's all Jennifer's idea so I'm going to link her post here so you can read it for yourself and get involved if you want.

Today is my first #WLW post, and today I'm going back to Slimming World after a naughty 3 weeks off over the Christmas period. I'm super excited and super terrified all at the same time, but hey ho, I enjoyed Christmas but now I'm excited to get back into the swing of thing's.

As this is m first post I'm kind of unsure what to talk about, but I am really excited to start experimenting with food, and cooking lots of different thing's and for my post next week I'm going to document a kind of food diary so maybe you guy's can get some idea's. Every week I'm also going to keep you updated on how I'm feeling, any tips of picked up or any recipes I've learned along the way. 

Make sure you go over and read Jennifer's post so you can get all the details and meet all the other lovely bloggers that are getting involved!!

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  1. The food diary would be a great idea! Such a good resource for other people too; I always get stuck for ideas on what I can eat that's healthy. I think most of the community would love to hear your thoughts about Slimming World at some point too Natasha! That could be one of your posts' topics one week if you get stuck for ideas! :)

    Jennifer Barely There Beauty | UK Beauty Blog