Wednesday, 12 February 2014


I missed this last week, in fact I didn't post here at all last week, that was due to a horrible flu and just a really bad week in general. If you follow me on Twitter you'll have seen me ranting! However, even with a crappy week, and a diet that was non existent I managed to loose a pound! I wasn't expecting it, so it was a nice surprise and it helped me be a bit better motivated this week. 

This week I have found a love for Earl Grey tea, I find it sweet and filling so I have been drinking it in work a lot. I don't like milk with it either so it's been helping to reduce my dairy intake. Excessive use of dairy products in my diet make's me feel horrible and bloated, but I love cheese so it's a constant battle!

I haven't really discovered anything new this week, or tried anything crazy, just been settling back into the swing of thing's. I've been walking Ecko (our puppy...) in the snow this morning so that was cute! Yes, I said snow, yes, it's February.. Mother nature is on one.

How are all you lady's doing?

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  1. never been a fan of early grey but glad you are enjoying it darling :D x

    Lucie xx

    Fatbeautyx // Youtube