Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Every Day Is A Fashion Show

They say that fashion fades, but that style is eternal.
I for one, agree. Fashion trends do come and go but the 
ones that make hat ever lasting impression on a woman
help aid the growth of personal style. Anything can leave 
an impression on you, I bet Christian Louboutin didn't 
realise the effect a simple red sole would have on woman
globally? Personally, my music taste and Vivianne Westwood
of the 60's were a huge factor when I was growing up.
But what influences style?

Everything. Movies, art, pop culture, hollywood, trends.
Life. It all counts. You can find inspiration from what I like
to call 'The Greats' i.e mothers and grandmothers alike,
and you can find it by walking down a busy street. 

For me, style is something that is always evolving. If you
asked my friends I can only imagine what they would call
me.. a hippie most likely. Most days is a colourful wardrobe,
messy hair, too much eyeliner and an abundance of tattoo's.
To be honest, I prefer boho chic, but hey. I'm the type of 
girl who loves anything bright, textured and I am not afraid
of mixing thing's or looking 'odd'. Fashion is a way of expressing
my creativity, as well as writing, obviously.

I graduated Uni in November 2013 with a degree in Marketing
with PR & Event's Management, and I'm now an intern in a 
newspaper house, which I love. However, working in an office
means working with a dress code. A dress code, me? The girl
who wears band shirts and flowers in her hair? I don't think so.
That's just life though, and my style has undergone a revamp
the last few months to fit into this aspect of my life. Taking
inspiration from Alexa Chung and Kelly Osbourne, and mixing 
it with street style, and other bloggers such as BeautyCrush
and SoSueMe. After a few months it's crazy looking back
and seeing how style changes. That's the fun in it though,

My point is that although style is eternal, it is not set in stone
what that style must be. It's always changing, always evolving
and that's okay. I will argue that confidence is key. Ever
heard the term fake it till you make it? Well, it works. If you
want to wear something that may be slightly 'out there' and
your afraid too? Fake it. Pop on your lipstick, fake a smile and
own it! Soon enough, you won't be faking it anymore. You 
will have the confidence and you'll love it.

I'm excited to see what I'll be drawn to next.....

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